According to the anti-Zionist narrative, the Palestinians are the residents who have always lived in “historic Palestine”, they were the Canaanites, Philistines, Jebusites and even the ancient Israelites who in the Byzantine period converted to Christianity and in the Islamic period and converted to Islam.

According to Shlomo Sand’s theory…

“David against Goliath” “Few Against Many” was one of the ethos on which the story of Israel was built upon. The idea that the young and small state of Israel succeeded against all odds to repel the invasion of the armies of Transjordan, Iraq, Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Saudia… with the…

No, there was no Zionist plan to expel all the Palestinians, it was never the basis of the Zionist vision or official policy during any stage in the Israeli War of Independence.

The Zionist vision: to live together

Was the expulsion an ideological basis of the Zionist movement?

Herzl and “the removal of the poor”

Many anti-Zionist sources, like “The Question of Palestine”…

Adin Haykin

Israeli, IDF soldier and researcher of Israeli history and wars

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