Palestinians — How Invaders Became Indigenous

The myth of Islamization

What does Genetics Say?


The Demographics of Palestine

the Immigration

Settlement Of Egypt And Algerians source: David Grossman
Bedouin Stages of Settlement in Late Ottoman and British Mandatory Palestine
Map of Newly Established Bedouin Villages, 1945
The Christian population includes various groups such as Armenians and Assyrians, there is still a lack of data on immigration such as Syrians, Kurds, etc …)
As many as 196 new Arab villages were established in 1871–1948
The majority of the new Arab villages (1871–1922) were established near Jewish settlements
Source: When and How the Arabs and Muslims Immigrated to the Land of Israel-Period of British Rule, 1918–1948


In conclusion



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Adin Haykin

Adin Haykin


Israeli, IDF soldier and researcher of Israeli history and wars