There was no Zionist ethnic cleansing plan in 1948

The Zionist vision: to live together

Herzl and “the removal of the poor”

Theodor Herzl “protect their property, their honor, and their freedom”

Ben-Gurion, expelling the Arabs? “dangerous utopia”

David Ben-Gurion “Palestine will belong to the Jewish people and its Arab inhabitants”

Jabotinsky: “the Arabs will be happy”

Ze’ev Jabotinsky “treat the Arabs correctly and affably, without any violence or injustice”

Peel Commission, A Zionist transfer agreement?

The British proposal

The proposal of the Peel Commission, a Jewish state in blue, an Arab state in green, a mandate in yellow

Myths and facts about the Zionist response to the Peel Commission.

Myths about the Zionist response to the 1947 Partition Plan

Plan Dalet, an ethnic cleansing master plan?

The Transfer Committee, the committee that did not exist





Israeli, IDF soldier and researcher of Israeli history and wars

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Adin Haykin

Adin Haykin

Israeli, IDF soldier and researcher of Israeli history and wars

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