Getting Old With Anti-Zionist Ignorance- A Response to Jason Kishineff

Kishineff being Kishineff


The First Intifada

British Mandate Palestine

Rabbi Zaman sack, 85, after being murder on his road to Jerusalem 1929




Tel Aviv residents taking cover from Arab snipers fire in 1948

Deir Yassin

  • Deir Yassin participated in arms trafficking in the 1920s during the violent Arab riots of the 1920s”
  • “Deir Yassin residents had carried out violent attacks on the Jews of Givat Shaul in October 1928”
  • “During the August 1929 Arab riots throughout Palestine, the villagers of Deir Yassin had again assaulted their Jewish neighbors in Givat Shaul as well as Jews in the Beit Hakerem neighborhood and the Montefiore Quarter”
  • …”we continually faced attempted forays into our homes from Deir Yassin. We dug out our ‘illegal’ weapons every night and waited, while the Jewish supplementary police repulsed the infiltrators again and again. Months later, we had a defense position in nearby Motza [and the commander] often asked my help to transport men to their night duties in Motza. Driving back and forth to Motza from Jerusalem, I spent many hours lying in roadside ditches after ambushes out of Deir Yassin.” [15]
  • Haganah driver Arnold Shper testified in a 1952 judicial proceeding that during his posting in Givat Shaul in February and March 1948, he spoke with Haganah intelligence agents who mentioned “that foreign Arabs had been detected in Deir Yassin, [including] Iraqis.” 7
  • Jerusalem Haganah intelligence officer Mordechai Gihon led two reconnaissance sorties into Ein Kerem, adjacent to Deir Yassin, and returned with documents revealing regular contacts between Deir Yassin and the bases of Syrian and Iraqi volunteer soldiers in Ein Kerem. On March 30, Gihon reported to his superiors that “150 men, mostly Iraqis, entered Deir Yassin.” 8
  • On Saturday night Jerusalem’s western neighborhoods Beit Hakerem and Bayit Vagan were attacked for the first time. The attack came from Deir Yassin and Ein Kerem and also from Colonia. The defenders returned fire; the shots continued the whole [night].9
  • On Sunday, April 4, commander Shaltiel received an urgent message from the intelligence officer of the Haganah’s Etzioni division: “There’s a gathering in Deir Yassin. Armed men left [from Deir Yassin] in the direction of [the nearby town of] lower Motza, northwest of Givat Shaul. They are shooting at passing cars.” 10
  • That same day, the deputy commander of the Haganah’s Beit Horon brigade, Michael Hapt reported to Shaltiel: “A [Jewish] passenger car from Motza was attacked near the flour mill, below Deir Yassin, and is stopped there. There is rifle fire upon it. You too send an armoured vehicle with weapons. There is concern that the road is cut off.” 11
  • An armoured vehicle carrying Lehi fighters was also attacked at the same spot that day. A Haganah intelligence officer who described the incident to his superiors reported that according to Lehi officer David Gottlieb, those of his men who disembarked from their vehicle to return fire said that the attackers appeared to be Arab soldiers rather than local villagers.12
  • Shortly before the battle of Deir Yassin, there was additional troubling news: Mordechai Gihon’s lookouts reported that numerous armed men were moving between Ein Kerem and Deir Yassin. Some of the soldiers were wearing Iraqi uniforms, and while many of them had entered Deir Yassin, only a few had returned to Ein Kerem.13
  • And just hours before the IZL-Lehi action against Deir Yassin began, Shaltiel cabled his colleague Shimon Avidan: “The Arabs in Deir Yassin have trained a mortar on the highway in order to shell the convoy [bringing supplies to besieged Jewish portions of Jerusalem].”14

After Israeli Statehood

The Six Day War

The Yom Kippur War/The 1973 Arab-Israeli War/The Ramadan War




Israeli, IDF soldier and researcher of Israeli history and wars

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Adin Haykin

Adin Haykin

Israeli, IDF soldier and researcher of Israeli history and wars

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